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Karachi Development Authority launched a digital system to deal with land-related matters

A new digital system has been launched by the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) to deal with matters related to land records across the province. As per the details, the name of the newly launched system is File Movement Management System.

Nasir Hussain Shah—the Provincial Minister for Local Government has inaugurated the File Movement Management System during a ceremony at the Civic Center, which is the headquarters for the Government of Karachi and the office for the Mayor of Karachi.

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The Recovery Director of the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) Raza Qaimkhani told the media that before the launching of this digital system, a file was first moved to the Land Department from KDA Information Technology Department manually. The file would then go to the Recovery and Record departments and eventually return to the Land Department for the issuance of a final challan.

This whole process took too much time as it was done manually, he said.

According to the details, under the newly launched system, a file first comes to the Land Department. The Information Technology Department stores that file electronically, after which it enters the central diary in the Recovery Department. After that, the file goes to the Record Room for the verification of dues, after which the digital system generates an automated payslip against it.

After that process, the file then goes to the Scrutiny Committee and an e-receipt is generated with the sticker contains a barcode on it. The person who makes the application can also get a quick response (QR) code through which they can get information regarding the status of the file anytime.

After the implementation of this system, the applicants can get their file along with the final challan in as many as seven working days, Qaimkhani added.

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