Karachi Commissioner holds a Meeting for the Revival of Karachi Circular Railways

Karachi circular railways

On Sunday, Iftikhar Shalwani Karachi Commissioner carried out a meeting about the revival of the Karachi Circular Railways (KCR) at the divisional superintendent office in Pakistan Railways Karachi.

Arshad Salam Khattak Karachi Railways Divisional Superintendent in the meeting briefed about the work that is being done to revive the Karachi Circular Railways. He added that within 2 months the track between Karachi city and Korangi will be completed.

In the meeting, he said that So far, the 6-kilometers track has been constructed but still an eight-kilometer track is under construction.

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After the completion of a thirteen kilometers ground track, the Railways is going to launch its test trial of the KCR, said Khattak.

The project in total is of 12.63 kilometers, whereas 30.75 km is raised with 24 railways stations out of which fourteen will be elevated. Between every station, the average distance will be of 1.8 km.

Sheikh Rasheed Federal Minister for Railways said in March with full confidence that the KCR (Karachi Circular Railways) will be able to carry out operations in the next six months.

He further added that the Supreme Court has ordered to complete the project within 6 months and in this context, both the Sindh and federal governments are on the same page.

The biggest hindrance while making the track of the KCR is the housing colonies which have been constructed on the railways land illegally.

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