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Karachi Citizens Could Check their Traffic Challans on An App

Traffic Challans

The Karachi Traffic Police has introduced its first and official Android application and the Karachi citizens could check their traffic challans on this app.

The app which is dubbed as—Karachi Traffic Police would tell the users everything, including the details of a traffic challan to the history of the car’s registration.

Javed Ali Mahar—the DIG Traffic said that in this technologically advanced time, everything has moved to mobile phones. He added that one could easily see their challan history on the application. The app also provided details of the road signs and traffic violation rules. The app could also be used for lodging the complaints through its platform.

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The application primarily makes it easier for the public to pay their traffic challans, which could be done at shops with UBL OMNI facilities. After the payment, the application records it in a database and keeps the challan payment records.

He also said that the app is effective and beneficial for the general public, as informed by one resident. He added that they could not be fooled by the traffic police officers anymore as they would have complete details regarding everything.

The app—Karachi Traffic Police has been created by a private company.

As per the police, if they get a good response on the application from the general public, they would get further features and specifications added on to the app’s platform.

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