Karachi Becomes World’s Second-Highest Consumer of Cannabis


Considering the fact that cannabis is illegal in Pakistan, Karachi has become the world’s second-highest consumer of cannabis.

New York is the world’s biggest consumer of cannabis, that is, 77.44 metric tonnes. Karachi is ranked second in terms of cannabis consumption at 41.95 metric tonnes, or 41,950 kilograms. This is as per the ABCD 2018 Cannabis Price Index.

New Delhi follows these two cities with the world’s third-highest cannabis consumption at 38.26 metric tonnes. The rest of the cities in the top 10 were Los Angeles with 36 tonnes of total consumption. Cairo, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Moscow, Tornoto having 32.5 tonnes, 32.3 tonnes, 31.4 tonnes, 24.5 tonnes, 22.8 tonnes, and 22.7 tonnes of cannabis consumption respectively.

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Even though Cannabis is extremely popular in Amsterdam, the city was not even in the top 10.

Even though Cannabis is illegal in Pakistan, it is said to be used for medical and recreational purposes. It was also revealed in the study that Delhi is the cheapest place in the world to purchase weed.

The data by ABCD is based upon the annual prevalence of cannabis as estimated by the UN Office of Drugs and Crime.

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