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Karachi among world’s safest cities, but from the bottom

Karachi has secured the very lost spot among top 60 safest cities in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s The Safe City Index 2017.

Karachi was given 60th position and the score was 38.77. The biggest city of Pakistan was also ranked last for health security and personal security. It has the highest frequency and severity of terrorist attacks.

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The city that topped the rankings was Tokyo. Its scoring was 89.8. The city has the best performance in digital security while it also rose up by seven points in health security. In infrastructure security, Tokyo went down to 12th position out of top ten.

The second best after Tokyo was Singapore with 89.64 score and third best was Osaka with 88.87 score. Toronto, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Sydney, Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Zurich were in the top ten list.

If we look at the bottom, Karachi is in the bottom with 60th position. The 59th position went to Yangon in Myanmar with a score of 46.47. Along with these two Dhaka, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila, Caracas, Quito, Tehran, Cairo, and Johannesburg were also part of bottom ten list.

Looking at the list country vise, USA didn’t do well in infrastructure category and performed quite good in digital security. No US city made to the top ten. At 15th position, San Francisco managed to secure a place.

Overall the report indicated that security situation is falling rather than improving. This being the situation of the whole world with few exceptions like Madrid.

The top ten spots are all taken by Asian and European cities. Tokyo, Singapore, Osaka and Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Zurich.