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Karachi: 15 members of a family faint after eating ‘toxic’ rice

The sale of unhygienic foods in the country’s most populated city Karachi is becoming a serious issue.

After consuming ‘toxic’ rice, as many as 15 members of the same family fainted on Sunday in the area of Hingora Goth, Mominabad Town in Karachi.

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According to the senior superintendent Malir, they received a report which claims that at least 15 people of the same family fainted after having a meal at their resident in Hingora Goth. Later all the 15 effected people were shifted to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

He said that the condition of all members of the family was out of danger. “The police investigated the case and found that the victims had bought rice with a food colour from a local shop located in their area,” he added.

“After consuming the rice, the health condition of the 15 people became worse and they all lost their consciousness,” he said.

The SSP further said that the shopkeeper has been taken into custody by the police and the samples of the food colour and rice have also been collected for the examination. The shop has also been sealed by the authorities.