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K Electric Sending SMS To Customers In Order To Justify Load shedding

Extended Power Outages

K Electric blew up the orders of the Ministry of Water and Power, started load shedding in the name of technical malfunction and load management in areas exempted from load shedding, the company is sending SMS to consumers in the name of cable and PMT faults in many areas.

According to the reports, the worst load shedding is going on in different areas of Karachi. In many areas, load shedding has disrupted daily life.

K Electric also took away the peace of the night from the heat-stricken citizens during the day. Liaqatabad, Old City Area, Saddar, Korangi, Landhi areas are severely affected. The duration of load shedding in different areas of the city has reached 15 hours. Unannounced load shedding is being carried out in Gulshan-e-Hadid, North Karachi, Lyari, Kemari, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Defense, Gulistan-e-Jauhar and other areas.

The water crisis is also bothering the citizens due to load shedding in extreme heat. 12 hours power outage in Usmanabad, Gulbahar, Show Market Garden, Agra Taj, 12 hours load in Sher Shah, Site, Baldia areas. Shading is taking place. Electricity has been cut off for hours in Kemari, Surjani, Orangi Town, Banaras, and Qasba Colony. On the other hand, sources said that K Electric is being supplied 800 MW of electricity from NTDC, K Electric is also being supplied more gas and oil than the quantity, while K Electric has closed 2 major units in Bin Qasim. Units have been shut down for no apparent reason, rotten transmission systems and reduced production have been cited as the main cause of load shedding.

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