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K-Electric secures top position in power segment of EFP’s awards


K-Electric (KE), the nation’s top notch electric supply organization situated in Karachi, has secured the first position at the 13th EFP/ILO “Best Practices Award in Occupational Safety and Health” (OSH) for the year 2017. Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and International Labor Organization (ILO) were the key coordinators of this international standard award distribution ceremony.

The award distribution ceremony was as of late led by EFP in the celebrations of International Health and Safety Day occasion. At the occasion, different organizations were awarded as a feature of their practices in the territory of Occupational Safety and Health (OSA). In the power and utility part, the second position was secured by two competitors Sui Southern Gas Company Limited and TNB Repair and Maintenance.

Different sectors which were granted by EFP in the occasion included Oil Gas and Energy, Food and Pharmaceuticals, Tourism, and Agriculture.

The subtle elements of these honors can be seen here. Numerous high authorities from EFP, ILO, EU, and the Kingdom of Netherlands went to the occasion.

In spite of the fact that the endeavors of K-Electric are exemplary in giving satisfactory electric supply and forestalling unscheduled power blackouts yet these activities are not adequate to totally resolve electric supply issues in Karachi. The way K-Electric group is arranging its undertakings and offering new valuable apparatuses for its clients, for example, revamped electricity bill which offers QR code include for users’ convenience is valued, however we can’t deny the way that Karachities are as yet confronting strong load shedding.

In the mean time, a Chinese electric organization Shangai Electric is likewise in chats with K-Electric to secure the Karachi based organization.

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