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K-Electric Again Blames SSGC For Load Shedding

Electric distribution company K-Electric has once again blamed Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) for pushing millions of people in Karachi to the brink of worst load shedding.

According to the report, a spokesman for K-Electric said in a recent statement that the power plants at the site and Korangi can only be run on gas, while due to low gas pressure, the two plants are operating are unable to operate at max capacity.

A spokesman for Electric said RLNG could be used as an alternative fuel for gas-fired plants, but the SSGC did not provide RLNG at the required pressure.

The spokesperson further said that we are buying RLNG, but the supply of fuel at reasonable pressure is the responsibility of SSGC, as per the 2018 decision of the Cabinet Committee on Energy to supply gas and RLNG to K-Electric. Supply is the sole responsibility of SSGC.

The spokesman said that better gas pressure has been provided to the site and power plants of Korangi today, which has improved the power situation. It should be noted that the citizens of Karachi have been suffering for a long time due to the arbitrariness of K-Electric and the worst load shedding. A report said that in this situation people are also facing psychological problems. On the other hand, the worst load shedding of gas has started. When the power goes out, at the same time the supply of gas to the houses is also cut off.

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