JS Bank Partners With Nestle To Promote Youth Business Loan Programme For Young Farmers

JS bank has announced collaboration with Nestle Pakistan Under the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan programme (PMYBL) in order to promote and create opportunities for young dairy farmers.

Young dairy farmers between 21 to 45 years are the main focus of this programme, the collaboration will help them develop a new or grow their existing businesses. In this partnership, JS bank offers young farmers a loan amounting maximum of Rs. 2 million to improve their livestock and optimize their potential income which would contribute towards growing demand in the country as well as help businesses to grow in the sector.

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Nestle on the other hand in this partnership will ensure the efficient use of funds in the business by imparting knowledge and best practices in the field. Nestle will assist farmers to increase milk production reduce costs and achieve industry standards in dairy farming. Loans to the farmers would be disseminated at as low as 6% mark-up.

JS Bank is one of the fastest growing banks in Pakistan; the company has also actively participating in other development programs in the country, JS bank is also collaborating with other organizations in order to improve digital ecosystem in the country. JS bank will continue to form progressive partnerships with other organizations that could lead to better economic growth, social development and prosperity.

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