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Joylong Pakistan will launch cheap light commercial vehicles in the country

Joylong Pakistan is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Joylong Automobile Co Ltd. The automaker has announced that it will launch light commercial vehicles in Pakistan. The vehicles will be introduced in Pakistani market by importing them from China.

Furthermore, Joylong Pakistan also said that at least four variants will be introduced of passenger vans and a coaster, claiming that most of them are not seen in Pakistan.

The price of these vehicles will be almost half the price offered by Japanese makers.

Joylong Pakistan Chairman Rehan Meghani said, “We have decided to target the commercial aspect of Pakistan’s auto industry after thorough studies by both our Pakistani and Chinese counterparts.”

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He added, “The variants we are offering have added features with half the price of currently available commercial vans; this will definitely break the monopoly of Japanese manufacturers.”

Jiangsu Joylong Automobile Co Ltd produces not just vans but also minibusses and the related parts. It offers its services to the customers through dealers in China and globally. In 2007, the company was found and it is basically located in Jiangdu, China. Presently Joylong is importing its vehicles in 60 nations around the world.

Meghani said, “Pakistan’s commercial vehicle market was largely dominated by European and American brands till the 1970s. Then entered the Japanese auto manufacturers, who offered better quality and low pricing. After almost 40 years of monopoly by Japanese brands in the commercial sector, it is now China which will become the next in-thing for Pakistan. China is also manufacturing high-quality vehicles especially for export-oriented markets.”

Meghani believes that in Pakistan, just three cities have a proper metro and bus system. Therefore almost 95% untapped market of Pakistan can still be explored.

Meghani said, “Our long-term plan for Pakistan didn’t include increasing the CBU numbers only, we will closely monitor the markets and will go for production after three years of business and experience in Pakistan.”