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Journalist Who Hurled His Shoes at Bush is to Contest Elections in Iraq

The journalist from Iraq who made headlines throughout the world by throwing his shoes at that time US President George W Bush is competing for a seat in parliament in the upcoming elections.

Muntazer Al-Zaidi—thirty-nine years of age said that his goal is to throw all the dishonest politicians in prison and to make them regret what they have done and to seize their wealth.

Zaidi gained immense popularity back in December 2008 when he threw his shoes in a farewell press conference at Bush. The conference was being held in Baghdad.

His shoe narrowly missed the then US President responsible for the invasion of Iraq. Zaidi was later sent to jail for attacking a head of state and was given nine months imprisonment.

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When he was released he then took refuge in Lebanon, where he then settled and had a daughter.

He was taken and seen as a hero around the Arab world especially among the ones who were protesting against Bush. Zaidi said that he doesn’t regret his action, instead, he regrets that he did not have another pair of shoes.

Muntazer Al-Zaidi is running for an alliance between the communists and Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr.

It is apparent that Zaidi has little chances of getting elected, however, he would be defending for the seat. He said that it would not be honourable to have thieves as colleagues and his aim is to bring back the stolen money, he replied when asked whether he fears of becoming like other politicians.

He explained that he has selected to represent Marching Towards Reforms as it is independent and is looking to break the nation’s sectarian divide.

Regarding his views on the US involvement in Iraq, he is deeply in opposition to Washington’s troops invading the land of Iraq and wants them out.

He totally refuses any such idea that the US military presence has assisted the Iraqi forces to fight back the Islamic State group.

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