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John Skipper, President of ESPN resigns

John Skipper has resigned as President of ESPN, a U.S.-based global cable and satellite sports television channel, on Monday.

Former ESPN’s president, George Bodenheimer, will take over as the acting chairman of the company for next 90 days to help Bob Iger, Disney chairman, and Chief Executive, in finding the replacement of Skipper.

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Skipper said in a statement, “Today, I have resigned from my duties as ESPN’s President, I have had a wonderful career at the Walt Disney Company and I am very grateful for the many friendships and opportunities. I owe a debt to many, but most importantly George Bodenheimer, Michael Lynton, and Bob Iger.”

“I have disclosed the decision about my resignation to the company, and we both agreed that it was suitable that I resign. I will always admire the human understanding that Bod showed here and always,” he added.

John Skipper joined the company [ESPN] as senior vice president and general manager of ESPN in 1997. He was promoted to the presidency on January 1, 2012.