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JK Rowling brings Harry Potter at Home

The famous author JK Rowling initiated the idea of bringing back Harry Potter in people’s lives who are locked down in their home due to the outbreak of COVID-19 for which she introduced an online Potter website.

Rowling launched an online website in which people can take quizzes, games and other things related to Harry Potter. She is also collaborating with the library e-book supplier OverDrive and the audio publisher-distributor Audible to get a free digital and audio edition of the first part of Harry Potter named Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone.

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Both the print publishers of Rowling British and American; Bloomsbury and Scholastic are going to pay their contribution by adding good material on their own websites and the Potter website.

The author JK Rowling says that while everybody is under lockdown all the teachers, parents are trying to keep their children happy and normal and she is providing a way to cheer them up. According to her, this initiative will help the adults and children both to be normal and happy, and this will distract them in such a crucial time when everybody is forced to stay at their homes.

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