Jirga bans Bajaur women from visiting centers of the World Bank

On Friday, in Bajaur, the patriarchs of Warah (area of Mamond Tehsil)stopped the women from visiting World Bank centers for collecting monthly stipends personally.

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In the Sawi area, this decision was taken at a jirga, with the consent of members that it was against local customs and traditions: women themselves visiting the centers for collecting monthly allowance under the Child Wellness Grant.

According to the elders of Warah, they had frequently requested the program management, either to appoint female staff or to make it possible that their men can take the amount on their behalf.

The jirga announced that no woman would have permission to go to the centers from today. It was also mentioned that if any man of the tribe permitted his female family member to visit the said centers he would be charged Rs10,000.

The elders also declared to take Rs10,000 as a fine from the family of any female telephonically calling to the local FM radio stations.

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