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Jeeto Pakistan Super League is Coming Soon

Jeeto Pakistan Super League

A Jeeto Pakistan Super League has been announced, by ARY Digital. The league will on-air live on a daily basis during the blessed month of Ramazan, however, the program would have no live audiences.

Jeeto Pakistan is normally on aired on Ary Digital. The program makers have decided to reinvent their Ramazan program and to make it relevant to the current issue which is of coronavirus.

The program would have 5 teams. The teams would be represented by a celebrity captain. Each team would be representing a city of Pakistan.

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Like any normal cricket match, two cities would have a chance of competing against each other on a per-day basis. New people will be involved in the games on the show as the members of the various team while keeping social distancing and whoever would be able to make more runs in a day will get more points.

Eventually, there will be a final play-off. During the transmission, live callers would be able to make calls and support their respective cities.

The presence of celebrity captains would, however, be adding more appeal and attraction to the league. Star guests will also make their appearances as special guests in the program. The names of the celebrity captains have not been revealed yet.

A show drafted on this unique format will definitely be boosting the morales of all. The current economical and social situation is low in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, it has also led to other issues like depression and anxiety. The world is changing and there are speculations that life will not be returning to normal any time soon.

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