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Jazz Releases an Ad Ahead of Pak Vs. India World Cup Match

Pakistan vs. India World Cup match

Jazz has released an ad about upcoming Pakistan vs. India World Cup match.

On Sunday that is on the 16th of June, Pakistan and India are to face each other in a match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The excitement and tension pertaining to the match are already on the rise on social media, following India’s success against Australia on Sunday.

Before the happening of the actual match, Indian sports channel—Star Sports released an advertisement. The ad is launched with the tag line “baap re baap” and another one “Mauka Mauka” giving such impression like India is the father of Pakistan.

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Coincidentally, Father’s Day is on the same very day when the match between Pakistan and India is scheduled that is June 16.

Ever since the ad got released, it has been under criticism by the people of both countries.

Jazz has responded to the “Mauka Mauka” ad with an ad of its own, which serves as an appropriate response to the tasteless advertisement released by the Indian sports channel.

Pakistan and India would face each other on Sunday at 2:30 pm. Both the teams apparently look in form and it could be said that the match would for sure be exciting.

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