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Jazz Partners Cinepax to Launch STARZPLAY


The leading telecommunications digital company of Pakistan—Jazz is partnering with Cinepax to launch STARZPLAY.

Jazz has chosen to partner exclusively with Cinepax—which is a leading cinema company, for bringing entertainment and informational material to its valued customers present across the nation.

This collaboration offers the Jazz subscribers with a month of free latest movie and TV series content access, flexibility in term of payment methods through the Jazz Mobile Balance, weekly and monthly in-app price points and quality premium video on demand.

This amazing combo of mobile content, convenience and data speed have never been introduced before ever in the telecom industry. As a leader in the digital applications, content and creativity Jazz looks to have this service mostly consumed by the ones who are untapped customers for the cinema-going market.

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STARZPLAY by Cinepax offers an amazing collection of material licensed from the famous Hollywood celebrities and gives its customers a wide variety of blockbuster movies, day-and-date premium series which comprises of documentaries, teen and kids’ entertainment, regional favourites and award-winning box sets.

Arif Baigmohamed—the Chairman of the Cinepax Group commented that STARZPLAY by Cinepax would assist in strengthening the growing movie business and would permit customers to live stream the top material from a number of various devices.

Babar Ahmed—the Head of Products and Services at Jazz said that Jazz has always been in front for providing digital services through its variety of apps portfolio providing service to more than fifty-five million customers. He said that via this partnership they would not only bring quality content for the already present customers but would also motivate many new customers for starting to enjoy their favourite content via this digital medium.

The Jazz subscribers could download STARZPLAY in their respective iPhones or Android phones and pay for the weekly and monthly subscription through their Jazz airtime. The service permits registering up to 5 devices per subscription. Parental controls are also provided for more concerned parents.

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