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Jazz Employees Could Work From Home Once Per Week

Jazz employees

As per the new policy that is now applied nationwide the Jazz employees could work from home once per week. As the mobile devices, internet facilities and video-conferencing technology is expanding the jobs related to the telecommunication sector are becoming more common.

The biggest global firms like Apple, Dell and Google believes in work-life balance and says that there does not be a conflict between work and life at home, rather there should be harmony between the two.

Keeping in view the advantages that working from home could bring to the employees and the environment, Jazz has introduced its flexible work policy—Jazz Flex. This policy was launched last year in which the employees could spend a day working from home every week.

After the completion of a successful pilot phase, the program is now being extended across the nation.

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Jazz Flex is available for all the employees the program is majorly focused on the working mothers. While men and women are sharing the responsibilities of raising children, women still bear big chunk of responsibilities. Jazz has taken the decision to assist moms in spreading their work in ways that would permit them to spend quality time with their family and loved ones.

Aamir Ibrahim—the CEO of Jazz said that at Jazz they are bringing their digital philosophy to life via the creative workplace practices, thus providing a conducive culture and means of work.

He added that Jazz Flex is just one part of the new tools and programs they have started to assist in driving productivity, while promoting the concept of greater work-life balance and flexibility.

The feedback from the employees during the Jazz Flex’s pilot phase was very positive with many of the employees listing it as time and money saver and mentioned that it decreases the stress levels and boosts more satisfaction and productivity.

For celebrating Jazz Flex employees were asked to share their pictures of how they spend their time working on Flex.

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