Jazz Digit 1 – Jazz First 4G enabled feature phone launched in Pakistan

Jazz has launched the first 4G enabled smart feature phone in Pakistan. The phone is called Jazz Digit 1. The aim of this phone is in line with Jazz’s goal to introduce affordable phone for Pakistan customers and reduce digital divide prevailing in our society.

Jazz Digit 1 is a feature phone that offers 6 months of free 4G internet and free data SIM for its buyers. Other than this the popular smartphone apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are supported by this phone. The phone is a touchscreen with Wi-Fi hotspot. The phone has 4GB storage and 512 MB ROM powered by Qualcomm processor.

The camera of the phone is 2MP and the battery is 2000 mAh

Head of Devices at Jazz Muhammad Ali Khan said,

“The launch of Jazz Digit 1 enables our customers to use our fastest 4G network to reach out to their loved ones over social media in a cost-effective manner.”

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It is being claimed that as Digit 1 is a 4G smart feature phone it will be a huge achievement and a game changer in Pakistan’s feature phone market.

As many people in Pakistan still 2G phones, this new feature phone will provide options to those users to buy an affordable phone with the 4G option.

The price of the phone is PKR 5,300. The phone is available at Jazz Experience centers and franchises all over Pakistan. Those who purchase the phone will be given one year warranty.

The devices offered by Jazz in 4G are Jazz 4G Wi-Fi device and Jazz 4G Wingle device. Jazz 4G Wi-Fi device can support 12 Wi-Fi devices along with 1 USB tethering. The battery capacity is 2300mAh.As for Jazz 4G Wingle device can also support 12 Wi-Fi devices along with 1 USB tethering. The price of the device is Rs 3,500.

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