Jazz customers can now make free calls, without balance or Wi-Fi connection with VEON

The most advanced internet platform VEON launched in Pakistan in collaboration with Jazz. Yet, most of us don’t even know what VEON is offering, specifically to Jazz customers.

Now Jazz customers can make free calls kabhi bhi, kahin bhi even without balance. #VEON #BeTrulyFreeDownload Now: http://bit.ly/2gEwiQg

VEON Pakistan 发布于 2017年10月15日

We know how to make calls with our network connection, through which we need to have enough balance to make a call. We know how to make calls via apps like WhatsApp, Viber. Skype, for which internet connection is necessary. Now let’s move a step ahead, what if we can make free calls without the need for balance or internet connection. Yes, this is what VEON is offering to Jazz customers.

Install the app and talk with your contacts without credit or internet on your phone. VEON operates on a 3G/4G data network but you don’t need to have balance for the 3G/4G network to operate. Unlike WhatsApp and other calling apps that work on 3G/4G connection if you have balance in your phone, VEON doesn’t need balance. It will work anyway but just for Jazz customers.

This is such an interesting offer that we might see many users transferring to Jazz network or acquiring a new Jazz sim just to enjoy this offer.

VEON will totally revolutionize the digital landscape of Pakistan and change the way we communicate with each other. It will redefine the personal internet experience in Pakistan by offering quite a wide range of services. Jazz partnership with VEON is a big step for the network. It will ensure that the network remains the leading operator in Pakistan.

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