Jazz and Zong to Conduct 5G Trials in Pakistan


Six months of permission is given to the mobile operators to conduct tests and trials of 5G technology. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has given permission under a limited environment and for a non-commercial basis.

PTA stated that in compliance with policy directives of the Pakistan government PTA has issued the Framework for Test and Development of Future Technologies (Particularly Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless Networks in Pakistan)” in June 2019. It was to facilitate the testing and trial only of the 5G technology and related services in Pakistan.

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Six months’ permission is granted by PTA to PMCL i.e. Jazz and CMPak i.e. Zong. The goal is to conduct the test and trial of 5G Technology. This permission is restricted to the testing purpose only on a non-commercial basis.

PTA is supportive of the intro of new technologies and better services. But if any impression is given beyond this stated purpose by any mobile company then it will be considered misleading and it will lead to certain regulatory action.

5G technology will be commercially launched in Pakistan in due course after the Government of Pakistan gives policy directions and important regulatory approvals.

The test and development of future tech especially 5g wireless networks that will allow the use of radio spectrum on a trial basis for non-commercial purposes. It will be to conduct trials for innovative use of radio frequency spectrum, apparatus/equipment and academic purposes that include but not limited to scientific research, radio concepts and new systems demonstrations.

There has been an increased emphasis on 5g mobile technology as mobile data traffic and consumer demand has grown for the better mobile broadband experience.

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