Jazz and Tech Services Ltd. Launches Car Tracking Product

Tech Service Pvt. Ltd. has recently announced a collaboration with telecom giant Jazz in order to launch TECTRAC device. The device is said to be the most advanced tracking product which can be installed in all kinds of vehicles. The service is also said to be first of its kind on a monthly package which makes it more viable for customers across the country.

Service Pricing

You can get the system installed in your vehicle by calling 5378 or visiting the website www.techservices.pk in order to get TECTRAC installed which would cost you not more than Rs999/- per month. You can pay for the service through Jazz cash through any Jazz franchise or Jazz wallet if you seek to pay online.

According to the Director of Tech Services Pvt. Nadeem Rao, “Vehicles safety and security is today’s top priority need. Hence, we have launched a reliable and efficient vehicle-tracking solution which could provide ultimate security to vehicles across the country. TECTRAC is Pakistan’s first tracking service which offers amazing features along with reasonable price. The solution is equipped with the latest technology which even employs the expertise of Jazz.”

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The company is involved in developing vehicle tracking and asset monitoring systems for the last 12 years. TECTRAC offers safety solutions to individuals and companies including multinationals. TECTRAC has nationwide coverage with 5 offices in major cities of Pakistan.

There are several other Chinese tracking products introduced in the Pakistani market, the products are mainly self-controlled GPS based systems that can track the car through other devices. But TECTRAC device is powered by Jazz network and sophisticated in nature which is much reliable and sophisticated.

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