All the customers of Jazz/Mobilink are now able to use the latest 4G LTE and 4G internet on their Android devices.

If you are having an old Jazz SIM, then you have to get a new SIM which is compatible with the last internet services that are easily available at all Jazz customer’s service centre.

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As soon as you insert your new Jazz SIM into your Android device, the internet settings will be automatically downloaded to the smartphone. However, if you are having any problem and your smartphone is not automatically download and configure the internet settings, then you can configure them manually.

Follow the instructions below to active Jazz 3G/4G LTE internet on your Android devices:

Step 1. Go to the Setting > wireless and networks > mobile networks > Access Point Names.

Step 2. Find the ‘add’ button on the screen and tap on it.

Step 3.  Enter the following details:

  • Name: Jazz Internet (anything you like)
  • APN (for Jazz Prepaid):
  • APN (for Jazz Postpaid):
  • Access Point Name (APN) Type: default
  • Authentication Type: None
  • Username / Login Name: (leave it black)
  • Password: (leave it black)

Step 4. Just leave the remaining fields black or as they are and save these changes.

Follow the below steps to activate Jazz 3G/4G LTE internet on your iPhone/iOS device:

Step 1. Go to the Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network.

Step 2.  Enter the following details:

  • APN (for Jazz Prepaid):
  • APN (for Jazz Postpaid):
  • Username / Login Name: (leave it black)
  • Password: (leave it black)

You can also get the Jazz latest internet settings by SMS. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Messages and compose a new message
  • Type ‘GPRS’ and send it to 7342
  • After the message, you will receive the internet setting from the network
  • Now you can install them

Follow these step to set up Jazz MMS settings:

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks >Access Point Names.

Press the ‘Menu’ key and select “New APN”.

Now use the following settings:

  • Access Point Name:
  • Alternate Access Point Name:
  • Login Name: Leave it blank
  • Password: Leave it blank
  • Authentication Set it as “Normal”
  • WAP Gateway IP / Proxy Server Address:
  • Port (if necessary): 8080
  • Connection Type: http
  • MCC: Set it at 410 (default setting)
  • MNC: Set it at 01 (Default setting)


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