Japanese ENEOS Motor Oil enters in Pakistan

JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation headquartered in Japan has signed a deal with Attock Petroleum Limited (APL) in late 2014 for a collaborative lubricants business in Pakistan.

Attock Petroleum becomes a sole distributor of Eneos Motor Oil in Pakistan. Pakistani lubricants market is already saturated with different labels including Shell helix, Caltex Havoline, Total Quartz, Liqui Moly, ZIC, Toyota, Mobil, Leppon and some others.

Eneos is the largest oil company in Japan providing high-quality lubricant products in the country and globally, APL claims that the lubricants are made in Japan with high-quality measures.

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According to Eneos, “ENEOS products are the highest quality lubricants available in the market today. The products use advanced additive and base oil technology, the result of joint engineering and research with all of the Japanese automotive manufactures. ENEOS lubricants provide exceptional performance, power, and protection for a wide variety of applications including race cars, motorcycles, and street vehicles.

ENEOS lubricants are developed to exceed the highest standards of the automotive, marine and industrial needs. ENEOS product range offers optimal performance protection under the most extreme temperature variations and ecologically friendly oil that provides superior fuel saving capacity.”

It seems the products already available in the market may not be able to beat ENEOS products in terms of quality, the Japanese companies have a history of automotive and related products, being the largest oil company in Japan would really make a difference in quality.

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