Japan to Offer Job Opportunities to Skilled Pakistanis

Skilled Pakistanis

Japan to offer job opportunities to the skilled Pakistanis.

Tens of thousands of jobs have surfaced for the skilled workers of Pakistan from the most developed of all countries—Japan.

Pakistan is possibly to export tens of thousands of skilled workforces to Japan after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Japanese counterparts.

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Both nations have agreed on further negotiating about the inking of the MoU for exporting thousands of skilled labours from Pakistan to Japan.

Japan has taken the decision of opening up of the labour market in fourteen different divisions, which includes nursing, construction, agriculture, light engineering, manufacturing and other sectors.

The Minister and Deputy Head of the Mission, Yusuke Shindo—the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan told on Sunday.

As per the latest development, the government has taken the decision of launching the Ehsaas Langar scheme which would help in the eradication of the inequality and poverty and would assist in investing in people via a public-private partnership model.

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