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Japan to Charge $9 Departure Tax for Travellers

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On Monday Japan started to charge $9.22 (1,000 yen) departure tax on each and every person leaving the country, a step that is aimed at increasing the funds for further boosting tourism.

The International Tourist Tax would be covering everyone no matter what their nationality is from business people to the holidaymakers who are more than 2 years of age, they would be charged on to the price of the airline ticket.

The government wants to use an approximated $460 million (50 billion yen) as it would generate additional tax revenue for improving the tourism infrastructure, like making airport immigration process faster and motivating the tourists to look around new areas beyond the conventionally famous destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto.

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Japan has been violently courting international tourists as a new foundation of economic growth.

More than 30 million foreigners are approximated to have paid a visit to Japan in 2018, which is a new record, all thanks to a smooth flow of tourists from Asia—specially China, Taiwan and South Korea.

The nation targets to boost visitor figures to 40 million by 2020, the year when Tokyo would be hosting the Olympic Games.

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