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Jang Group Wins the Innovation Challenge Grant

Innovation Challenge Grant

Google has announced Jang Group as the winner of the Innovation Challenge Grant. More than 215 news organizations were chosen from the Asia Pacific region, and Jang media was the only media group that was selected from Pakistan.

Jang Media as per the details would collaborate with Google, as part of the project for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) platforms for digitizing its historical news archives. The new project would be exactly same in size and approach as that of the New York Times, who have also joined hands with Google for digitizing their news archives.

As per the Chief Digital Officer—Dr. Umar Saif at the Jang Media Group this not just identified the Jang Media Group’s innovative approach for digital transformation, it has also provided a chance to take help from the expertise of Google in content digitization, visualization, archiving and search.

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Ludovic Blecher—the head of News and Publishing Partnerships at Google said that they want to support innovators in this space—those who are introducing approaches that incorporate everything from giving digital currency to subscription-based membership models.

He said that they are looking for means and ways for assisting this industry wide transition to digital. Blecher said that in 2018 they launched Google News Initiative along with a $300million commitment for helping in boosting journalism.

Across the world news organizations are making efforts to digitizing their news archives. The world is transiting towards digitization for creating, curating and spreading the news. To give on time news to the audiences it is becoming highly essential for the news platforms to adopt new technologies. It indeed is a crucial time as the social media platforms are filled with fake content, in all this, the media groups should maintain their authenticity standards while keeping the user interest.

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