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JANET – Top-Secret Airline in the World

There are over 400 airlines currently operating all over the world, but one of the airlines is a top-secret airline. It is an American airline that many have never heard of.

Known as JANET that probably stands for Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation or Just Another Non-Existent Terminal, the airline is a top-secret government commuter shuttle. Reports suggest that JANET has 11 aircraft based out of the Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. The goal of these aircraft is to transport the government employees to the mysterious Area 51 military base which is almost 15 miles north of the Strip.

The JANET flights operate with a three-digit flight number along with a WWW-prefix.

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There is nothing suspicious about the JANET plane. 6 of the planes are Boeing 737-600 model. The model is still used a lot for commercial air travel. The rest of the five are smaller executive aircraft.

The color of each plane is white having a simple red trim. But they don’t take off with any other known flight. JANET takes off from Gold Coast Terminal which is an isolated section specifically designed and kept for JANET flights.

It is said that JANET planes are used just to travel between Area 51 and Las Vegas but as per some news reports it has also been used to travel to other areas like the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, and Edwards Air Force Base in California.

JANET is such a secretive airline that the US government never admitted it exists but here a question arises, is JANET the only secret airline operating in the world, or are there more? More that have not come to light yet? And what purpose do they serve?