Jane Fonda Gave an Advice to Mahira Khan

Renowned American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru, Jane Fonda gave an advice to Mahira Khan.

Speaking about her journey at Cannes Film Festival, Mahira shared a conversation with Jane Fonda. Mahira asked her for some advice, anything that she could tell her.

Mahira said, “I wanted her to tell me something, one thing, just one piece of advice. She wouldn’t say, insisting that I had to do my own thing until I told her she was my birth sister. That’s when she said, ‘Okay, one piece of advice: stay strong.’

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Talking about the discussions that took place at Cannes, Mahira said, “There were panel discussions on the #MeToo movement, on women empowerment. We had a great talk with the Marketing Director of L’Oreal and so many great models, including the one who first said the words, “I’m worth it”. We spoke about choices, careers, parents, children and working in the industry. Jane Fonda said that her entire life people told her she’s beautiful but it was in her 60s that she actually believed it. We talked about being accepting of who we are, flaws and all and not living with the pressure of what others wanted us to be. We can be anything. It was important to believe.”

Speaking about her outfits at the event Mahira said, “I actually wanted to wear a Pakistani designer on the red carpet. But then I thought that it had to be ‘a look’, a couture look. If I had to wear a local designer, then my first preference would be to go to Bunto Khala and she would have designed something magnificent.”

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Adding, “If you ask me I would have put in one more desi look, a take on the shalwar qameez maybe. But I’m glad I took Elan, and that Mehreen and Menahil sari and then Zara Shahjahan. Look there’s always next year and I think I know what I want to do next year. I’m already excited about that.”

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