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Jamie Chung Promoting her new movie

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Jamie Chung is a former reality TV personality, an actress, and a blogger. Her fame came after featuring on The Real World: San Diego, a reality series.

Jamie Chung came to limelight after being a cast member in the reality TV The Real World: San Diego. However, she moved to act later on and she runs a fashion blog What the Chung.

In 2017, she became a regular cast of the series The Gifted as Clarice Fong/Blink. The show is still running. She also had a regular role on Once Upon a Time as Mulan. The show is an ABC fantasy TV series that ran from 2012 to 2016. Currently, she is a series regular on Resident Advisors as Olivia that started in 2015 till present, Big Hero 6: The Series as GoGo Tomago that started in 2017 until the present.

On film, Jamie Chung had the role of Cassandra Diabla on Band-Aid in 2017. In 2016, she acted as Meghan in the film Office Christmas Party and Katherine in the film Flock of Dudes.

Jamie Chung: Early Life

Jamie Chung is a Hollywood celebrity who is known far and beyond as she has starred in several prominent movies and series shows. Jamie Jilynn Chung was born in 1983 in the city of San Francisco. Chung together with her sister was raised by their customary Korean parents and is considered to be second-generation Korean-Americans. She attended Lowell High School and completed in 2001 and afterward proceeding to the University of California where she graduated in 2005 earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

At the university, Jamie Chung joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. She career kicked off in 2004 after featuring as a cast member on the series The Real World: San Diego, which was aired on MTV. Since then she has gone on to feature in several other TV series and movies, including Sorority Row, Sucker punch, Big Hero 6, The Hangover part II, Grown Ups, Once upon a Time, Premium Rush, and Dragon Ball.

Besides acting, Chung is also a fashion blogger and she is the creator of the What the Chung fashion blog. She is currently married to Bryan Greenburg, who is an actor and a musician.

Jamie Chung: Marriage Life

After being married in 2015, Chung recently talked about her marriage life to his partner Bryan Greenburg. She says it has been a really inspiring journey for the both of them and that they have found ways to handle their relationship and marriage in a mature way. Despite them having busy careers, they still find time to be together and even when they are a part, they still treasure the moments as she says both time together and time apart has served to only make their bond together. The couple has got to travel quite a lot together with recently being a trip to Machu Pichu, Los Angeles and San Francisco for the Christmas period. The couple has featured together in the show Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. Together she says they have made it work up until now and they are getting stronger by the day.

Jamie Chung: Promoting Her New 2018 Movie

Recently, Jamie Chung has been up and down promoting her latest movie 1985 in Austin that premiered last month. She graced the SXSW film festival last month to promote the new movie. For a celebrity, fashion is pretty much everything and on the night Jamie Chung did not disappoint as she wore a tripped Ronny Kobo dress form the brand’s newest collection of 2018. She also donned an Anine Bing Black coat and sassy and strappy purple colored heels. She looked stunning.

In the new movie, Jamie Chung will star as Adrian’s old girlfriend while his co-stars Madsen and Chiklis will star as Adrian’s parents. The movie follows Adrian’s (Chung’s) old boyfriend as he tries to reconnect with his brother and estranged childhood friend following an unspeakable tragedy in the city of New York.

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Jamie Chung Apologizes to Henry Golding

The issue started when Chung was asked in an interview by Andrea Park, a CBS news reporter, on what she thought about the casting in the TV series Crazy Rich Asians. Jamie Chung went ahead to say that she wanted to be on the cast of the TV show but was told only ethnically Chinese actors and actresses were allowed. She took an issue with the casting of Henry Golding, who was half white but still allowed to feature on the show.

After several hours Chung took to social media to personally apologize to Henry, who in the Crazy Rich Asians plays the lead role Nick Young. In his response, Henry downplayed the whole issue with a twitter reply to Chung saying that in some cases, interviews could be taken out of context and it might have been the case. He said he was a fan of her work and she need not apologize.

Jamie Chung Shares Her Fashion Style

In a recent interview, Jamie Chung offered his fans a sneak peek of her shoe closet and fashion style. Being a fashion blogger and enthusiast, it won’t come as a surprise that this sassy TV actress owns a whopping over 200 pairs of shoes in her closet spread across three Cities New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Her most expensive pair in the closet is the $1200 over-the-knee boots by Jimmy Choo. She has worn elegant clothes from some of the world’s famous designers, including Saloni, Vintage Chanel, Self Portrait, Victoria Beckham, and Frame among others. She does most of her shopping mostly form Bergdorf Goodman, FWRD and Shopbob. Jamie says she wants to attend Chanel Runaway fashion show as she is really into the brand because of their constant re-invention of their classic fashion style. As a fashion blogger, she advises people to mix up patterns and colors and always go for what they feel confident in.

Jamie Chung is an active and bubbly actress and her charm will not fail to woo you. She has an active social media presence as you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.