Jamadi-us-Sani Moon Might Appear on 14th Jan Evening; says PMD


Earlier today, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) declared that there is a chance of sighting the new moon of Jamadi-us-Sani, 1442 AH on the evening of January 14th.

According to the reports, the weather department in its statement said that Jamadi-us-Sani, 1442 AH moon will be born on crossing conjunction point at 10-01 Pakistan Standard Time (PST) on 13th January 2021.

The met office said that Jamadi-us-Sani crescent will most likely to be sighted on the evening of Thursday, January 14.

As per the climate record, the weather is expected to be fair or partly cloudy in most parts of the country on that evening.

Moreover, a meeting of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee in connection with the sighting of the moon of Jamadi-us-Sani, 1442 AH is probable to be held on January 14th evening.

According to the Islamic lunar calendar, Jamadi us Sani is the 6th month of the year.

It is pertinent to mention here that the federal government had re-formed the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee on December 30th, containing 19 members with Maulana Abdul Khabeer Azad as the new chairman.

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology has established the moon sighting app Ruet and federal officials have said that sighting the new moon is not an issue anymore.

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