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ITP launches its Virtual Driving Training Institute


The traffic police in Islamabad is under no quiets, of late. From E-challans to QR-based parking arrangement, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) is always enhancing the framework. Along these lines, it’s been accounted for that a couple of days back ITP propelled a ‘Virtual Driving Training Institute’ in the city to help the starters to drive in a genuine circumstance made by 3D innovation.

This new traffic simulator would turn out to be extraordinary for such individuals who are toward the starting level of the driving and dread conveying their vehicles out to the general population. The Virtual Driving Training test systems would make situations like overwhelming traffic, stuck streets, movement dangers, and numerous other intense driving scenes to prepare the user to deal with the circumstance when it would come in the truth.

Numerous individuals don’t take the boldness of driving themselves to learn, in the dread of unplanned threats. In any case, through these virtual preparing test systems, there is zero chance of such episodes as everything is PC created and you are in such a setup, to the point that has been imitated to show the genuine subject i.e. an auto, bicycle, firearm, or even a helicopter, contingent upon the kind of the preparation one is in.

ITP has opened the venture to the common public so be sure to test your skills

As apparently, ITP has introduced 10 virtual driving preparing test systems in Faizabad. To repeat a driver’s seat in a genuine vehicle, the stations are furnished with a seat, directing wheel, increasing speed, brake, grasp pedals and some other required hardware, while to extend the carefully produced driving situation there are three screens in front.

Sultan Azam Taimuri, IG Islamabad Police, has checked the driving test systems by and by. In addition, the students will be regulated by the ITP authorities.

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