Italy Willing to Collaborate with Pakistani Filmmakers

Italy Pakistan Filmmakers

A seminar, ‘The most beautiful locations for the world of cinema and advertisement’ was held at a local hotel by the Italian consulate and the Italian Association of Cinematography and Audiovisual Industry (ANICA). In the seminar, the possibilities of a cooperation between Pakistan and Italy in cinema and advertisement was discussed.

The seminar was attended by Italian Consul-General Anna Ruffino, ANICA head Roberto Stabile and Assunta Ruperto. In an answer to a query, Stabile acknowledged the fact that Pakistan’s film industry is growing and Italy is willing to co-produce films with Pakistan. He said Italy has the best tax rebate system in Europe. Italy gives 35% tax rebate on all the expenses spent in the country by a foreign producer. But he also said that for co-productions with Italy, Pakistan needs to involve another country.

Ruffino said that with the help of Italian Association of Cinematography and Audiovisual Industry, the consulate would like to support & introduce professional and passionate Pakistani filmmakers and companies to Italian companies. She said that they want to reduce the gap between production people and their Italian counterpart.

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Ruperto claimed that Italy is one of the most technologically-advanced filmmaking country in the world. It has received a number of Oscars, defining the sheer talent and expertise in the film industry of Italy. For filmmaking, Italy also offers some breathtaking locations that are important for cinematography.

It will be a boost for the Pakistani film industry if they collaborate with Italian filmmakers. Italy opening doors for Pakistani filmmakers is a huge step and it can change Pakistani cinema for the better.

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