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Italy Locks Down Cities Completely As Coronavirus Spreads Across The Country

The worst outbreak of the Coronavirus in Europe has been locked down all over Italy and severe sanctions have been imposed across the country.

So far in Italy, the number of people who died by the Coronavirus has reached 463, while 9,000 are infected with the deadly virus. It’s worth mentioning that Italy is the most affected country in European countries. The Army Chief of Italy has also fallen prey to this deadly virus, but his condition is better now according to the media reports.

In the wake of the virus spread, all public gatherings in Italy have been banned, sports events including football matches have been canceled and all educational institutions have been closed.

Employees Advised Not To Use Biometric Device For Attendance

Following the recent ban, residents of 14 provinces in the north and east of the country, including Lombardy, will need special permits before traveling, the cities Milan and Venice.

Officials say the lockdown will remain until April 3, however, during the lockdown time public transport will remain active. According to Italian media, millions of people raided the superstores as soon as the lockdown was announced so that the items could be purchased and stored. Lockdown will now bring about 6 million people into quarantine. These sanctions imposed on Italy’s citizens are the toughest in any country after China.

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