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Italy Considers Simplifying Visas for Pakistanis

Italy has been thinking on the introduction of visa relaxations for the Pakistani tourists and businessmen for strengthening the Pak-Italy relations, as informed by a top Pakistan diplomat in Rome.

Tanvir Ahmed—the deputy head of the mission at the Pakistan embassy in the Italian capital, said that Italy has shown a positive response to Pakistan’s suggestion on the visa issue.

Ahmed informed that Italy had accelerated the visa cases of the businessmen and tourists from Pakistan in recent months.

He said that Italy is providing visas to Pakistani at an increased rate over the months owing to the efforts put in by the Pakistani embassy.

Tanvir Ahmed also said that Pakistan had also reacted positively by easing the visa formalities for Italians.

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The senior diplomat also added that they have given visas to Italians within a few hours’ time in some cases. He said that they permitted them multiple entries for facilitating them. The whole concept is to involve the two nations. He also said that they have got friendly ties with Italy and looking forward to improving the relationship. He informed that a large number of Pakistanis are working in Italy and are contributing to their economy.

As per media reports in 2017, the number of Pakistani nationals residing in Italy are more than one lac thirty thousand.

Most of the Pakistani migrants are doing jobs in the north of Italy—near Milan. They approximately earn around $700-1000 per month in wages.

Even the ones who entered the country unlawfully, get jobs and employment permits easily, owing to the labour shortages in Italy caused by the ageing population and the decrease in workforce.

Ahmed also informed that the Pakistan-Italy ties in defence and culture are also improving, thus bringing the two nations much closer.

He added that Italy had been a significant participant in Pakistan’s scientific contribution to the world, and both the countries founded the international conference on astrophysics and relativity in 2011.

Italy also supports a free trade agreement with Pakistan within the context of the European Union, he further mentioned.

The senior diplomat also said that Pak-Italy defence relationships had a good past and a bright future. There is so much potential and the trust level between the two nations which is applaudable.

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