A spokesperson of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) while speaking about the latest hacking attempts on banks on Sunday said that the focus on IT security and monitoring systems would assist in controlling the international hackers.

While conversing with a private news channel, he suggested that there was the need to adopt a stricter monitoring system in the banking sector so that the hackers do not have an access to any account.

He said that if any bank account holder gets leaked information from some source other than the bank, then the information receiver should instantly ask for help from the bank for blocking the card and the account.

He further said that if any account holder, after depositing the amount or withdrawing the amount from any branch does not get the SMS message in his/her phone, then the account holder should seek assistance from the bank as soon as he/she could.

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Previously, there were reports of a cyber attack on BankIslami. The bank faced a cyber-attack from anonymous hackers on October 27 this year and immediately closed all foreign transactions initiating from the International Payment Scheme and signing out from the inter-operability switch, as per the official press release of the bank.

As per the statement, the transactions that occurred as the result of the attach amount to Rs 2.6 million were also re-credited into the accounts from which they occurred.

The actual amount of transactions that occurred, were estimated to be in billions of rupees.

The statement further mentioned that since the linkage was terminated between the international payment switch, the amount that was reported by the International Payment Scheme through the international transactions costing 6.1 million dollars, payment was not processed by the Bank’s system.

The SBP later issued instructions to all the banks for making sure the security of all payment cards in the nation and to monitor on real-time basis use of activity of their cards, especially of the overseas.

After the attack, the debit cardholders of different banks which include the Allied Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah, United Bank Limited, BankIslami, JS Bank, Silk Bank or Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Habib Bank Limited and Faysal Bank received a text message mentioning that international ATM transactions had been suspended temporarily.

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