It might take four generations for Apple to develop Apple Vision Pro

According to a source, workers on the headsets believe it could take four generations for Apple to perfect the Apple Vision Pro, so it might take a few years. As the unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro showed, Apple often offers impressive first-generation products. Still, it normally takes a few tries before a product is truly excellent. Some people within Apple feel the same way about the headset, despite evaluations suggesting that it alludes to Apple’s future while also highlighting the challenges posed by the constraints of current technology.

Mark Gurman suggests that the Apple Vision Pro is “more of a preview of the future than the future itself” in Sunday’s Bloomberg “Power On” email. Its weight and bulkiness are excessive, and its battery life is considerably too short with less dedicated apps. According to Gurman, visionOS has more flaws than one would anticipate from an Apple device, “even a first-generation one.”

Regarding the anticipated release date of the optimal headset version, Gurman suggests that tweaks need to be made to the software update procedure in order to expedite the distribution of problem patches. According to him, the software “feels like” a beta version and is still a year or two away from being polished enough for general consumer use.

Gurman mentions “some people in the Vision Products Group” at Apple while discussing the total package, stating that it “may take four generations before the device reaches its ideal form.” The development of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is compared to this. Gurman sums up, “The Vision Pro is essentially a prototype – just one where you have to pay Apple for the privilege of testing out,” until Apple releases an improved version.

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