It might cost $14/month for ad-free Facebook and Instagram in Europe

When it comes to generating revenue from any platform, ads are a critical factor. Several social media companies have adopted subscription-based plans in the past few years. These platforms generate more income by providing some additional perks to subscribers at a monthly rate. According to some recent pieces of information, Meta might debut an ad-free plan for Facebook and Instagram in Europe. Notably, the plan will be priced at $14 a month.

A user can opt to avoid the ads on social media platforms by paying a monthly fee in the form of a subscription tier. According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, this new plan for European users will help the company settle some of its antitrust cases in the region.

For showing personalized ads to users, Meta faced severe backlash in the EU. For this reason, the company might announce an ad-free Facebook and Instagram plan at the rate of $14 a month and settle this issue. The plan is labeled “SNA.” It provides EU users with two options. Users can either opt to access free Facebook and Instagram services and view personalized ads, or, in other instances, they can pay to access the services and avoid ads.

According to reports, in September, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the concept with privacy regulators in Ireland and digital competition officials in Brussels. Even though using a social media site with intrusive advertisements is fun, Meta should convince EU citizens that it doesn’t gather their data after they’ve paid for an ad-free subscription.

The SNA plan for desktops is priced at $10 a month. The company might charge users an additional $6 for an additional linked account. On the other hand, the SNA plan for a smartphone is available for $14. Well, this price tag reflects the commissions from Apple and Google that are generated via in-app purchases.

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