It looks like Google Glass might be resurrected

Last year, in January, a source claimed that tech giant Google was working on an AR headset. According to the source, the project was named Project Iris. Following this, there was no news about this. However, a report from Business Insider from June 2023 claimed that this project was related to building smart glasses. The report further indicated that this project got canceled, just like Google Glass.

According to some recent pieces of evidence obtained from the teardown of the Google app, it seems like the company might have resurrected its smart glasses plan. The recent information was uncovered by folks at 9to5Google. According to them, a string of code with the name ‘iris’ can be found in the Google app for Android. Furthermore, it reveals that instead of saying ‘Hey Google’ to turn on the Google Assistant, users can long-press on the right side of the device to summon a particular task to the Google Assistant. According to the details, it can be used for calling and setting timers.

There’s a chance that Google is bringing back its vision for smart glasses

Well, if we dive into further details, then these suggestions and features are applicable to a wide range of devices, like Sony LinkBuds. The source asserts that the string code points out those devices that Google has given the “iris_device” attribute. It indicates that Iris might be hardware developed by Google or smart glasses.

There is no clarity about this, but it seems like the company is reviving the Google Glass or smart glasses project. On the other hand, Google is working in close association with Samsung on an XR headset that might be a direct competitor to the Apple Vision Pro or its cheaper version.

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