It is now more convenient to access your Shopping Lists and Assistant Notes

Google Keep, the company’s note-taking service, now integrates shopping lists and assistant notes. From now on, you will locate all the previously mentioned staff members inside Google Keep at your leisure, in addition to being able to manage them using your Google Assistant.

Google Keep will act as the single platform for all of them after the migration of the shopping lists, assistant notes, and lists is finished. It’s a big step towards setting up a more productive and orderly workspace where you can manage your ideas and activities.

Google keep will maintain your shopping lists and Assistant notes

Most of your data will go over without any problems, but there are a few outliers to be mindful of. Notes made by family members on smart displays won’t be transferred. There will also be lists and notes that are too big for Google Keep. Until May 1, 2024, you can download those lists or notes from Google Takeout. The data that was left on the earlier platforms will then be deleted by Google servers.

To gain access to your migrated lists and notes, just launch the Google Keep application. It may be found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The lists and notes that Google moved from Assistant Notes or Shopping Lists are clearly visible.

You can still access all of Google Keep’s lists and notes by using Google Assistant. To do that, you must give Google Assistant access to the information contained in your Google Keep shopping lists and assistant notes. It makes it simple for you to make, modify, and remove notes and lists.

Google plans to begin the conversion process in November 2023. You can go to the Shopping List page to see if your account has been moved. It will offer information and updates on when the transition will be finished. In conclusion, Google’s switch to Google Keep for list management and note-taking provides a more streamlined and effective method of managing your digital life.

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