Issues and Solutions – Using Uber’s Cheap Ride-hailing Service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Uber - Cheap Ride-hailing Service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

When using Uber’s cheap ride-hailing service in Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you might face some issues. Sadly, Uber doesn’t have any helpline. So what you must do when facing issues with the ride-sharing app?

Since its launch in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Uber riders are facing some problems. Some face technical issues while some have to bear a bad experience with a driver. And all they are left with is a broken heart.

But let me tell you that things which are valuable always are the hardest to grab. And thanks to this cheap ride-hailing service that now we could go anywhere, anytime for a fare which is less than a scrapped cab or other ride-sharing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

To sort out the issues faced by Uber riders, we have compiled this short blog. We hope that this content would do a lot good for the new Uber riders in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

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Issues & Solutions – Using Uber’s Cheap Ride-hailing Service

App crashed – A mobile app is usually integrated with 3 things; your internet connection, mobile device, and the app itself. If one of them misbehaves, the app would face issue or crash ultimately. So, you always need to make it certain that you’re using a reliable internet connection, your mobile is compatible with using heavy mobile apps, and you have an updated version of the app.

Map issues – Uber uses third-party mapping services. So, when you’re using Uber, you need to make it certain that you have a reliable mapping app on your mobile device and is updated. Using Uber, you might sometimes not able to find your destination on the map. In cases like this, you could search the nearby location by typing in the relevant field, search your destination manually on the map, and pin it to navigate.

Canceling a Ride – Sometimes just after sending a ride request, you have to cancel it due to any reason. When you cancel your ride, ratings of the driver and your own self will decline. And after a certain level, your account might be blocked temporarily or permanently. So, first DON’T cancel your ride. And if you have must immediately go to HELP and submit your comments from the given selection.

You’re Charged Incorrectly – Canceling a ride after 10 mins of sending a ride request would cost you PKR 120. And you’ll be charged an extra PKR 120 on your next Uber trip. To avoid this, don’t cancel or cancel sooner than 10 mins.

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You’re Being Overcharged – Some drivers in the city might play with you and Uber by charging an extra amount. So, always request your driver to show you the bill on their mobile. If they say otherwise, you’re free to file a complaint against the driver immediately. Go to HELP and choose an appropriate option to so that the Uber team would resolve your issue.

Driver Never Came – Some worthless drivers would accept your request and never show up at your service. And later would insist you to cancel the ride so that all the blame is at your end. Again, go to HELP and submit an appropriate option.

Driver Started the Trip Before Reaching – The worst scenario; you might face a drive who would start the ride before reaching your gate and then would end the trip later at some time. And you will be the one who would be to blame. To avoid such an incident, file a complaint as soon as possible.

Driver Used Abusive Language – This one is easy; bare the driver and end your trip, rate zero or the least you could, and submit a complaint.

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Uber Riders’ Team

Uber is offering cost-effective fares which are good both for the drivers and the riders. However, often Uber Partners (drivers) or Uber Riders (passengers) often behave badly for which Uber has to bear the consequences. The cheap ride-hailing service always requests both the drivers and riders to play their part and do good for all.

Filing a complaint would often take some time. But the team would get back to the one facing a problem and will resolve the issue at the earliest.

So, do file a complaint and do it at the earliest possible hour, avoid any intentional damages both to your repute and the company, be attentive when using the ride-sharing service, and help Uber get better every day.

Your comments will help Uber in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to perform better. So, do share your experiences with Uber and ask in the comments below if you have any questions.

Uber reached Gujranwala

Follow the steps in the video to learn about Uber (this app is for countries other than Pakistan but the basic process is all alike):

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