Israeli Jet Lands & Stays in Pakistan for 10 hours – Haaretz Editor

According to the Israel-based newspaper Haaretz’s Editor Avi Scharf, an Israeli jet landed in Pakistan and stayed there for 10 hours. The jet flew to Islamabad from Tel Aviv and after its 10 hours long stay it flew back to Tel Aviv.

Scharf tweeted,  “Israeli Bizjet flew from TLV to Islamabad, Pakistan on the ground 10 hours, and back to TLV. Cleared flight-plan with usual 5min ground time trick in Amman M-ULTI glex.”

According to BBC Urdu, the flight record of this flight was taken from Flight Radar. Flight Radar is a website that keeps track of live air traffic.

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry reacted to this news and tweeted that Pakistan will never hold any secret dialogues with India or Israel.

He said, “The truth is that Imran Khan is not Nawaz Sharif. We will not hold secret dialogues with Modi or Israel. Nobody needs to worry as Pakistan is in safe hands.”

But he did not deny that an Israeli jet did land in Pakistan and stayed there for 10 hours.

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