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Israeli Citizens Are Now Formally Allowed To Visit Saudi Arabia

In order to strengthen the ties between the two countries, the Israeli government has officially allowed its citizens to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for religious and business visits.

The announcement made by the foreign ministry of Israel will have a limited practical impact, as the Israeli nationals have been travelling to KSA via third countries, especially Jordan. But the government of Israel had never granted official approval for such travel by both Jewish and Muslim Israelis.

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According to the statement issued by the Israeli foreign office, Aryeh Deri—the Foreign Minister “signed for the first time an order enabling an exit permit for Israelis to Saudi Arabia.”

It is worth mentioning here that Israel already has a peace deal with two Arab countries including, Jordan and Egypt. But Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories is the major factor preventing similar ties with the rest of the Arab world.

The interior ministry of Israel said its move, coordinated with the security and diplomatic services, approves travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia “for religious purposes during Haj and (for) Umrah”.

The ministry further said that the government of Israel would also allow its nationals to travel to the Saudi Kingdom “to participate in the business meetings or seek investments” for trips for up to 90 days.

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