Israel Soon to Shake Hands with 5th Muslim Country: Pan-Arab Pact Weakening

As Israel continues building ties with Muslim countries with the help of the US, Palestinians fear their weakening position.


According to the Israel’s government, the country is working towards building ties with another Muslim country. But it is not Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, the USA played the role of a mediator in building ties between Israel and 4 Muslim countries including; the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.

This all happened during Trump’s tenure, and so it was asked from Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister, Ofir Akunis, if the fifth country would sign up before Trump steps down on Jan 20.

We are working in that direction. There will be an American announcement about another country that is going public with the normalization of relations with Israel and, in essence, with the infrastructure for an accord – a peace accord,

Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister, Ofir Akunis

Akunis didn’t disclose the name of the next country but hinted that there were two main candidates:

One is in the Gulf… Saudi Arabia is not. The other candidate, further to the east, is a Muslim country that is not small but is not Pakistan,

Indonesia, on the other hand, also denied recognizing Israel as long as Palestinian statehood demands remain unmet.

It is also informed that Palestinians fear if Muslim countries kept on building ties with Israel, it will only weaken the long-standing Pan-Arab position.

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