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ISPR sends a cyber security alert about a malicious email

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Wednesday night has issued a cyber warning, informing that a malicious email has been circulated throughout Pakistan with the name of ISPR which could be a cyber-attack or contains malicious software that could harm your computer and compromise your personal/confidential data.

The email has been clocked with the email address “[email protected]” which has nothing to do with ISPR, the organization say that they do not own the above email address and the email is being delivered by some hackers supposedly—ISPR said.

ISPR has also directed people to delete the email immediately if they received this kind of email containing the email address as a sender. People should not open or click on any link provided within the email or even try to unsubscribe the email. Opening the email and clicking on any of the links provided in the email would compromise the security of your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone or other devices.

ISPR said they only have one official domain which is, ISPR also urged to share this information with people who do not have known about it.