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Islamabad to Recycle the Captured Shopping Bags into Dustbins

captured shopping bags

The Climate Change Ministry, after the imposition of ban on the polythene bags in the city, has taken the decision to begin the recycling of the captured plastic bags and to turn them into waste bins and dumpsters.

While talking to local media, the Chemicals Director and the Sub-Urban Region Implementation Team in-charge, Dr Zaigham Abbas said that the implementation of the ban teams had so far imposed fines costing nearly Rs.1.2 million on the violators of the plastic bags since the 14th of August 2019. Furthermore, he said that they had captured some 2,100 kgs of polythene bags.

Dr Abbas said that the captured bags would be recycled for making more than a thousand garbage bins and dumpsters which would be placed in the hospitals, schools and other government institutions of Islamabad. He also said that the collected funds would be submitted to the national treasury.

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Dr Abbas said that the ministry has placed a ban on the use of polythene bags in the capital city for protecting the public from its harmful impacts which were not just affecting the human health but also the ecology and wildlife.

After the imposition of the ban, he said that 4 teams were made on the 16th of August, last year for the ban implementation in the various areas of the federal capital which includes the Presidency, the Industrial area and the suburbs.

While responding to a question, he said that their teams are completely given the authority to take action against the ban violation. A fine could be imposed for up to Rs.100,000 on the wholesalers and the manufacturers of the plastic bags, up to Rs.10,000 on the shopkeepers and Rs.5,000 on the consumers in case of the first time violation.

The fine value would be increased based on how many times has the violation has been repeated, as informed by Dr Abbas. He also indicated that the control of polythene bags in Islamabad and its suburbs had now been reduced by nearly 80 per cent but efforts would be continued until 100 per cent control is attained.

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