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Islamabad to Get Smart Traffic Signals

smart traffic signals

The Capital Development Authority—CDA has made the announcement that it would be installing Smart Traffic signals across Islamabad which would work depending on the traffic load conditions.

Initially, the aim is to install 20 smart signals on the different roads of the capital city, which would later be duplicated across the federal capital.

As per the development authority these devices have got optical sensors which change the timings of the green and red lights depending on the traffic load. These smart signals would visually process the number of vehicles and the timing would then be changed automatically.

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These devices would decrease the need for physical intervention at the traffic intersections and the commuters would also benefit from the decreased waiting times.

This measure has been taken with the objective of boosting smooth traffic flow and to control traffic jams at the different intersections especially during the rush hours.

Moreover, 20 display timer devices would also be installed at the important major cross-sections.

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