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Islamabad Police to Launch Drive Against the Illegal Use of Loudspeaker

illegal use of loudspeaker

Islamabad police have started a drive against the illegal use of the loudspeaker in the limits of Islamabad.

As per the officials, unnecessary use of the loudspeaker is a violation of West Pakistan Regulations and Control of Loudspeaker and Sound Amplifier Ordinance, 1965.

The police have taken the decision to reach to the masses via social media against the use of loudspeaker which hinders the pease or causes discomfort or division amongst society.

It added that the use of loudspeaker except for its usage during Azaan times, Friday sermon and for the making of important public announcements is unlawful.

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The police also said that the violators would be dealt with strictly as they could face imprisonment up to a year or a fine of Rs.50,000 or both.

A spokesman for the local police said that the police has taken the decision to first educate the masses about the campaign against the unlawful use of loudspeaker and then the violators would be penalised as per the law.

He also said that the high-ups have taken the decision to take strict action once the drive reaches completion.

Back in 2011, the Parliament had passed a bill to change the West Pakistan Regulation and Control of Loudspeakers and Sound Amplifiers Ordinance, 1965, in its application to the Islamabad Capital Territory for extending the punishment with simple imprisonment for a term not going beyond a year or with fine which may extend to Rs.50,000 or both.

The measure was taken to provide a mechanism for controlling the misuse of amplifiers and loudspeakers and a major deterrent to the increasing sectarianism in society. The religious leaders who belong to the various sects promote their concepts by making unneeded use of the loudspeakers, leading in inter-sect clashes.

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