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Islamabad Police Reviews all Security Arrangements before Muharram


Earlier on Saturday, the Islamabad police revised all security arrangements and decided to increase vigilance and patrolling in different areas of the capital city as only ten days are left for the month of Moharram to begin.

In order to discuss all the security arrangements, a meeting was held in this regard which was led by Amir Zulfiqar IGP Islamabad. All the other AIGs, DIGs, SPs and SSPs attended the meeting. Every wing of Islamabad police has been asked to ensure complete coordination tom make this plan successful.

IGP Amir Zulfiqar ordered DIG Waqaruddin Syed to formulate an elaborated security plan and supervise all the arrangement yourself for Muharram-ul-Haram.

He further directed all police officials to stay connected with the peace committees and also with the organizers of the majalis. Also, he said to provide special cards to the police officials delegated for the security of the Imambargahs and the religious gatherings.

It has also been directed to check each and every participant of the gatherings. Not every vehicle should be allowed in the surroundings of the Imambargahs. Barbed wires should be placed near the venue of the gatherings and police officials should be positioned at the rooftops of the buildings around the venue.

IGP Zulfiqar stated to monitor every movement around the venue of the gatherings and at Imamabarghas. Cameras and the latest technology should be used for the gatherings for high alert security.

All the participants should be checked through metal detectors. Also, all the SOPs are required to be ensured during the gatherings. The SPs are asked to monitor search operations in their areas and inform the high ups on a daily basis.

Close coordination between all the wings of Islamabad police and staff is required. The IGP also directed to install walk-through gates at the entrance and exit point of the Majalis.

He also asked all SSPs to provide proper alternate routes during the processions and ensure a smooth flow of traffic.  Parking lots should be far away from the Imambarghas.

DIG headquarters, on the other hand, will provide full logistic support during these days.

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